3 Years of Motivating, Advocating, and Celebrating with You Has Led to This!!!
3 Years of Motivating, Advocating, and Celebrating with You Has Led to This!!!


Today not only marks the “virtual gunstart” for our AERO Virtual Race. This day, 3 years ago, marks the birth of what is to be the pioneer and the biggest Virtual Race events organizer in the country. Most of you knows the story all too well. If you have just discovered us recently, you may check our origin story HERE.
But looking back at those beginnings, it really is a great feat of what we, as a community, has achieved in the past years. As of our previous event, the Spartan Challenge III, we have reached the 1 Millionth mark, for both total distance covered and total donations provided.


3 Years of Motivating, Advocating, and Celebrating with You Has Led to This!!!The distance, for me, is understandable. We are a growing community. We started our 2017 events with 300-500 registrants per event. Last year’s quarterly Warriors League gave us 800-1000 sign ups. And this year’s Alchemy Series are bringing in an average of 1000-1200 registered runners per event. With these ever-growing numbers, it will really be a matter of time before we double up the total distance covered. And as we grow, the inspiring messages, motivational push, and even the smallest cheers we circulate in our different social media channels have helped create a huge community of supportive runners unbounded by territory, age, or even local dialects.


3 Years of Motivating, Advocating, and Celebrating with You Has Led to This!!!Did you imagine that you could donate a boat to students that wade through waters to get to school?Or provide a significant amount of cash for rehabilitation efforts of cities struck by natural calamity?Provide a 1-year scholarship to a deserving but underprivileged student? As an individual, it seems our small efforts are too minute compared to what is needed for such charitable efforts. But because we are a united community who believes that no matter how small, as long as we make each stride count, our combined efforts were able to do those mentioned above and more! Our partner charities are very much grateful to all those who ran with us, and those that will be running with us. As the vehicle for this efforts, we are also very thankful to all those who have trusted us by joining our events and helping to make a difference, ONE RUN AT A TIME!


3 Years of Motivating, Advocating, and Celebrating with You Has Led to This!!!And as the virtual running community grows, it is inevitable that we evolve in giving the best possible experience to every runner. One of the most important aspects of any Virtual Race will be the quality of its Finishers Entitlements. As we always say, we can confidently dare anyone to compare our shirts and medals with any other local Virtual Races. Considering the price, tell us if you can find something better. This is not a boast. Rather, it is our commitment to every runner that all your medals will be at par with international events. Your finisher shirts are good for performance racing. And when you receive them, it will really be something that lives up to the effort you put in to earn them. Indeed, only the best quality entitlements will be enough to celebrate a well-fought achievement!


3 Years of Motivating, Advocating, and Celebrating with You Has Led to This!!!Although we have the 3 main objectives above, our drive to provide the best Virtual Races has made us stand by our 4th guiding objective which is to innovate. Virtual Races are easy to organize. When we started, we thought of doing it the simple way by just managing spreadsheets, checking social media messages for proof of runs, and going through the trouble of allowing remittance center payments and claiming them manually in bulk! But as we grow in number, these simple system above are actually difficult to execute and will be inefficient. This is why we invested in streamlining the registration process such that the website serves as the central information for registration, uploading of running records, up to tracking of your shipped entitlements. It also includes the e-bibs and e-certificate, all accessible on your FREE VirtualRacePH.com account. We have also provided more ways of payment such that accessibility to certain financial institutions should not be a discriminatory issue to join any of our events.

As if making a 4-inch zinc alloy medal a bench mark for similar events is not enough, runners of this year’s Alchemy Series will get to be part of history to be proud owners of the FIRST and ONLY 4D Pyramedal in the country. By end of this year, only those who have completed the Alchemy Series can proudly have PYRAMEDAL display that is part medal, part trophy as a relic of their year-long achievement.

Now these are just the first 3 years of our community, dear runners. Imagine what more we can achieve in the next few years to come! How many more runners we could MOTIVATE? What other charities will we be an ADVOCATE of? How many more virtual finish lines will we CELEBRATE? And what other aspects of such events can we further INNOVATE?

It will be an exciting future ahead and we are very grateful to have you onboard our journey. To all those who have been part of the VirtualRacePH family… Starting from the 21-day Challenge (our first event), Thank you!

– Your VirtualRacePH Family