In 2001, a group of Chinese-Filipino businessmen and women decided to pool their resources together to extend help to those affected by natural calamities.

After organizing various relief missions in remote towns struck by typhoons and flash floods, the group continued their service by reaching out to fire victims in Metro Manila areas.

Recognizing the overwhelming problems plaguing the country, the group committed to be part of the solution.

However, realizing that organizing relief missions and providing relief goods were only temporary and short term solutions to deeper problems, they sought to find more long-term and far reaching solutions to the problems caused by poverty.

Driven by their common desire, the group formed Charity First Foundation Inc, an organization committed to “helping people help themselves”.

On July 1, 2001 Charity First Foundation was formally registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission, as a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life of the marginalized sectors of the country through its three main programs namely EDUCATION PROGRAMMEDICAL PROGRAM and DENTAL PROGRAM.




The Education Program is the Core program of the foundation.

It provides scholarship grants to indigent but well deserving college students.

The program’s aim is to educate, train, and develop the youth through a comprehensive program of providing financial aid for college education, and through seminars and activities that enhance development of values and skills that benefit self as well as others. The program includes:

    • Financial support package that includes tuition fees, transportation and meal allowances, board and lodging allowances, costs of uniforms and other school related expenses
    • Monthly Life Skills and Motivational Seminars (LSMS)
  • Leadership and Personal Enhancement Seminars
  • Participation in Anniversary presentations
  • Opportunities for community service at CFFI’s Medical and Dental missions and with other partner organization like Missionaries of Charity and Onesimo Bulilit Foundation.
  • Computer, internet and library services
  • Counseling and mentoring sessions






The procedure for medical missions begins with a “Pre-screening” which is done by a volunteer doctor from partner organization, Operation Smile. This is followed by a pediatric check-up (for young patients) with Dr. Adeline Ty-Lee of the Chinese General Hospital. When found fit, patients are recommended and endorsed for surgery. Post-operative check ups and medical assistance are also provided for patients.

The Medical Program of Charity First Foundation Inc, in partnership with Operation Smile Phils and its team of volunteer plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, and speech pathologists have served a total of 301 patients since its inception.





Providing FREE Dental Services and Education to poor communities.

In partnership with Philippine Buddhacare Academy, NU College of Dentistry, UEDHT, Child Hope Asia, Makati Dental Society, PAED, UEDHT Alumni Association, Rotary Clubs, selected LGUs, and other NGOs, “Sagip Ngipin Ngiting Kayganda”, Charity First’s Foundation’s dental program and its pool of committed volunteer dentists continue to provide free dental services to Filipinos.

To date, more than 27,000 patients from indigent communities have been able to avail of tooth filling and tooth extraction services through these missions.

To know more about Charity First Foundation, please visit their website here.




On January 22, 2017 – February 19, 2017, VirtualRacePH held 21 DAY CHALLENGE: RUN FOR CHARITY

Runners from all over the Philippines and abroad completed 25km, 50km or 100km in 21 days.
The event aims to sponsor a scholar of the Charity First Foundation, Inc.

On June 04, 2017, VirtualRacePH Founder Archie attended the monthly Life Skills and Motivational Seminar and has a ceremonial turn over with Mr. Gregorio Uy, President of Charity First Foundation, Inc.

Runners were able to complete 39,985.76 KMs and the event proceeds amounted to Php 36,000.00 which can sponsor a CFFI scholar for a year.


VirtualRacePH co-founder Archie Dolit together with Mr. Gregorio Uy, President of Charity First Foundation, Inc. and Mr. Jones Lim of TXTFIRE PHILIPPINES during CFFI’s June 2017 Life Skills and Motivational Seminar.