Most of you guys see on our promotional posters, starting on the Spartan Challenge, that we will be giving exclusive discounts to Milestone Pod for all participants.
But maybe you would first like to know: What is a Milestone Pod and how will it revolutionize our runs and trainings?


Milestone Pod Product Review

Can this pod revolutionize the way we run and train?

First of all, the basics. It is a small pod, worn on your shoe, and it measures distance, duration and pace with NO GPS needed. Yes, you read that right. This is perfect for hiking, trekking or if you’re in places where GPS signal is erratic. It has all the needed information valid for your data submission. It has a complimentary app, compatible to both Android and IOS.


Milestone Pod Product Review

Milestone App is available in Android and IOS

 You may think, “But GPS watch can also show these things to me.” Sure it does, but Milestone Pod sells for only Php 1695 (exclusive discounts given to VRPH runners!). Also, as it is lightweight and compact, there would be no discomfort on your runs, no matter how long or fast you may go. This is freedom from bringing your smartphones with you on your runs to track your progress.
Personally, I use a semi-barefoot type of shoes when speed training. I went to a sub 3:30 min/km a number of times during my intervals and the pod stayed in place and I didn’t feel any additional weight.
Now the best thing, for me, is the data you get from the pod. Other than the distance, duration, and pace, you also get foot strike, cadence, rate of impact, ground contact, leg swing, and stride length.
And you get these all in your app!


Milestone Pod Product Review

So much data in such a small package!


Milestone Pod Product ReviewMilestone Pod Product Review Milestone Pod Product Review Milestone Pod Product Review Milestone Pod Product Review Milestone Pod Product Review


I use these data to analyze my runs and check on what aspect I can further improve to get better running efficiency. You may get a running coach to interpret the data for you, or you can request for analysis right from your app!


Milestone Pod Product Review

Date, Distance, Duration… the VirtualRacePH bare minimum for results screenshot at a single glance

More details of these functionalities at
But for our simple purposes, I can say that Milestone Pod gives you the best value for your money, and can easily replace your expensive GPS watches for your virtual racing needs.
 As for the VRPH-runner exclusive discount, you may use your unique promo code when ordering at Milestone Sports Philippines FB Page.


Review done by VirtualRacePH  co-founder and resident weekend competitor, Joric Gonzales