VirtualRacePH offered new platform to the Philippine Running Community by launching its inaugural virtual race event, 21 Day Challenge: Run for Charity.

For a minimal registration fee of Php 650, participants can choose to run a total of 25KM, 50KM or 100KM. It can be completed within any 21 consecutive days from January 22, 2017 to February 19, 2017. After completing the challenge, finisher medal and finisher shirt will be delivered to participants.

The event targets to raise funds to sponsor a scholar of Charity First Foundation.

The 21 Day Challenge is based on the belief that it takes 21 days to form a habit. It was designed to be the first event for the year to help people jumpstart their new year’s resolution or their training plan.


What is VirtualRacePH?

Founded on August 2016, VirtualRacePH is managed by running enthusiasts based in Manila and Singapore. It started with an idea of organizing virtual races to raise awareness and funds for different charities and causes. It aims to become the premier virtual race organizer in the country.

The objectives of VirtualRacePH can be summarized as MOTIVATE. ADVOCATE. CELEBRATE.

  • Motivate runners in achieving their goals by offering platform for virtual races
  • Advocate for charities and causes by raising awareness and donating portion of the proceeds
  • Celebrate the success of each runners by presenting confirmation of their accomplishments

What is Virtual Race?

A virtual race is an event where registered participants are encouraged to finish their target distance on their own time, at their own chosen venue, with their preferred company.

They are then required to upload their data (distance, duration of run and date) or any proof of completion of their run to the organizers for verification. After completing the challenge, the finisher’s entitlement(s) are delivered to the registered participant.

Why Join VirtualRacePH’s events?

First, VirtualRacePH ensures that the registration fees are lower than the organized running events even with the same (or better) finisher’s entitlement.

Even with the lower rates, VirtualRacePH guarantees that at least one-third of the proceeds of the event goes to the selected beneficiary. The ultimate goal is to donate majority of the proceeds to the charities and causes once the virtual race platform has been fully established.

Second, VirtualRacePH encourages the honor system in verifying the data sent by the registered runners. It aims to develop self-discipline and self-honesty not only as a runner but also as a person.

Finally, VirtualRacePH aspires to build a larger community of runners who love running, care for others and can make a difference. Being unbounded by a race venue and fixed gun start, it encourages more people to get into running, not just as a weekend sport, but as a lifestyle.

In fact, during the first three days of registration, VirtualRacePH has registered participants from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and even abroad. This is the beauty of virtual races. It is not bound by time and space but bound by passion for running and desire to make a difference.

For more details, you may check their website at virtualraceph.com

You can also follow them in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @virtualraceph