This is a venue for VirtualRacePH runners to share their stories and motivate others to start or continue their journey. Everyone of us has a story to tell and they are just waiting to be heard by the community.


[May 2017]

While others are Born to Run, I was Born to WALK!

Know the story behind the legendary WALKING ULTRAMARATHONER, Tita Abel, who is one of VirtualRacePH’s most active supporter and believer.

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[June 2017]

Running Happy!

Click HERE to know the story behind this happy photo.


[June 2017]

100KM in 21 Days for a Beginner? 

Is it possible? Or is the distance too daunting for first-time runners and outdoor enthusiasts?

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[June 2017]

A Healthy Way to Start the Year

Is the 21-day method of forming a habit really effective? Click HERE to find out.


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