I never see myself that I will be into running, even in my dreams!
All I want is to lose weight. I tried other ways to cut the 149lbs.

My friend/area manager Mary Grace De Rama-Driz advised me to try running!
November 15, 2016 was the big day! I started 10 minutes then later turned into a 30 minute run.

VirtualRacePH totally changed my world and my daily routines.
A 10km or 5km run per day for 21 days served as a big jump versus my normal working schedule.

To my surprise, I finished the race in 16 days! A day with a 2 hour RUN?
Wow, ibang -iba na nga ako!


Now, I’m enjoying my running journey… and soon be lighter than 130lbs.

#maximumlimit #motivated #healthierme

Story, caption and photos from Kim Adarle