Running is fun. This has always been my view of running. Some take it seriously, some are only for fun. My dream is to run a lot in different places or countries. It was only a dream back then, as you have to consider a lot of preparation to travel to another place and register and run on the exact date of event.

How will it be fun then? For serious runners, this is working for them and I admire their sacrifices to prepare for such event. For me however, this is not possible. I am working in a cruise ship, I visit different countries during my work onboard. It is very difficult for me to join an event as I cannot be on exact date if there are events in countries I am travelling to.

One day, my wife sent me a link if I wanted to join an event (virtual running), she challenged me to join the event even though I am onboard a ship. Then this is the time I realized that it possible to join an event and run at your own time, date, and pace.


November was my first virtual run event. I am very happy and enjoyed that event. I was able to run in 3 different countries and 2 continents at the same time. I ran in Canary Islands, Morocco, and onboard the ship. My running experience has never been exciting as this. And to my surprise, I also finished top 10 in the average pace category. Thanks to my wife for challenging me and of course to VirtualRacePH for such wonderful event.

Story, caption, and photo from Gani Escaño, a certified #GameChanger.