1. Deposit the payment and register to one of our virtual races or challenges

  2. Complete the distance within the race period

  3. Upload your results to your VRPH account

  4. Receive the runner’s entitlement as confirmation of your achievement









Frequently Asked Questions

VirtualRacePH 101

What is Virtual Race?

A virtual race is an event designed to reach your target distance with the time, date, and location most convenient to you.
It can be run or walk anytime and anywhere you wish within the virtual race period.
You can accumulate the distance required instead of completing it in one time run.


Why Join Virtual Race?

  • Motivate.
    We will help you achieve your goal. Let us finish together, stronger.
  • Advocate.
    Portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities and causes.
    You not only run to transform yourself but you are making a difference, one race at a time.
  • Celebrate.
    Let us celebrate by presenting to you proof of your achievements.
    Have your finisher medal and/or shirt delivered to you.
  • So much more.
    Convenience. You run at your own pace, place and time.
    Community. Join hundreds of other people completing the event. Share your progress and achievements.
    Cost. Did you notice that it is more affordable to join virtual races? :

Can anyone participate?

Absolutely yes! Young or old, halimaw or pabebe runners.
Everyone is encouraged to join our events.

Can I join road race together with Virtual Race?

Absolutely yes. Actually, you are hitting two birds with one stone 🙂

Can I run on a treadmill?

Yes of course. Just submit a proof of the distance and time of your run (photo of treadmill dashboard) together with another device like cellphone or watch to show the date of your run.

Can I walk?

“Walkers” are more than welcome to join.

Can I participate if I am not in the Philippines?

Yes you can! You can run anywhere.

Please note that we add shipping charge for international delivery.
Contact us for your exact location so we can compute the shipping fee.

If the delivery address is within the Philippines, there will be no additional charge.

How do I track my distance and time?

Results are based on HONOR system. YOU track your own distance and time.
We suggest to use running GPS watch or running apps to accurately record your progress.

The following smartphone apps/devices/software are recommended:

  • Strava
  • Garmin Connect
  • Charity Miles
  • Map My Run
  • Endomondo
  • Sports Tracker
  • RunKeeper
  • Sportlyzer
  • Adidas train & run
  • Nike+ Run Club
  • Runtastic
  • Fitbit
  • Fitness22
  • Suunto
  • Samsung health app
  • Samsung S Gear
  • Asic GPS software
  • Polar
  • Soleus
  • Timex
  • TrainingPeaks

If you are using a different app/device/software, please let us know so we can share it to everyone.

Please note that we are carefully checking all submissions and any fraud submissions will have their account suspended.

Can I use Pedometer apps?

Unfortunately no 🙁
Our events are designed to conscientiously exercise, to be disciplined, to stay fit and to continuously improve ourselves.
As such, we discourage you to just track your daily activities by using pedometer apps.

… BUT… Due to current pandemic and our concern for order, health, and overall safety, VirtualRacePH is launching #WeHealAsOne adjusted mechanics. This will be effective until ECQ and GCQ is totally lifted in all areas of the Philippines:


At the submission page, make sure that the screenshot still has the 3Ds: Date, Duration, Distance (or steps). Then, at the input field of distance in km, use the standardized conversion rate above and input the km equivalent of your steps.


Where do I Submit my results?

You need to upload your runs in your VirtualRacePH account. Please watch the instructional video on how to upload your runs.

Can I run more than my registered distance?

Absolutely yes! We hope to inspire and motivate you to run longer distances.

Please note however that we will provide the runner’s entitlement (finisher shirt and/or medal) based on your registered distance.

We hope you understand that entitlement is finalized and counted based on the registration information.
It will be difficult to make last minute changes.
Nevertheless, we will do our best to celebrate your achievements in the best way possible.

Are there group discounts?

Yes of course 🙂 Form a group of 10 runners and get 1 more runner for free (10+1 promo).
Please note that to avail of the group discount, the participants should register same shipping address.
Additionally, please explicitly indicate in the checkout page the Team Name so we can take note of it.



Can I receive the entitlements for lower distance if I did not complete my target distance?

Sorry but change in the distance/category is not allowed once the event has started. We only provide the entitlements based on your registered category.

Will I receive the entitlements if I did not complete the challenge?

As a general rule and standard practice in running events, FINISHER’S ENTITLEMENTS is reserved only to those who COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE.

Where can I track the shipping status of my entitlements?

You may track the status of your entitlements HERE. Just indicate the order number.

Please note that only those who completed the challenge will receive their entitlements.

When will I receive the entitlements?

Runners will receive an email indicating with TRACKING DETAILS after the entitlements has been SHIPPED. VirtualRacePH team sends the entitlements to the courier per batch.

For MANILA, it may take 2-3 business days for the entitlements to arrive after we have send it to the courier while for PROVINCIAL it may take 5-7 business days. Different FACTORS like remote location, weather disturbances and holidays may AFFECT the actual delivery schedule



How do you choose your beneficiaries?

Initially we choose charities and causes we personally know and/or are involved with.

We are very much open to suggestions of our future beneficiaries.

We will choose charities and causes based on their advocacies, impact to society and proven track records.
We will also try to donate to charities who get lesser support but with greater needs.
If you know a charity who needs financial assistance and dearest to your heart, please inform us and we will consider them in our future events!

How much will go to charity?

We are committed to donate at least Php 100.00 of the proceeds to charity for each paying runners.
We do not set minimum or maximum total donation. Whatever amount we will raise, we will stay true to our commitment of providing financial assistance to charities and causes.

As start-up initiative, we need additional resources to establish the virtual race platform.
We need funds for the infrastructure (website, databases, etc.), marketing and promotion,
government registration, daily operations and investments for future events.

Our ultimate goal is to donate MAJORITY of the proceeds to the charities and causes once the virtual race platform has been fully established.
With your full support, we can do it in the soonest possible time!

Can I directly donate to the event’s featured charity?

Our events advocate for charities and causes by raising awareness and donating portion of the proceeds.
Everyone who participates in our events is already making a difference.
Should you wish to make a greater difference, please donate directly to our featured charity.
Please also encourage your friends and loved ones to raise awareness and funds for them.

Can I pay more than the registration fee?

Yes of course 🙂 Thank you very much for being extra generous.
100% of the amount in excess of the registration fee will be donated to the event’s charities and causes.

For example, if the registration is Php 600 and you paid Php 1000, Php 400 will be donated directly to the chosen charity.
This is on top of the proceeds they will receive based on the registration fee.

What are the upcoming event(s) that I can join?