We have some inspiring runner stories that they have shared with us while completing the VirtualRacePH Revolution last November 2017!

Thank you so much VirtualRacePh! Before the race I was hesitant to join because I may not make it since I am a breast cancer 9 years survivor and they say that after chemotheraphy your bones becomes brittle. But still I tried my very best and thanks to my running buddies who pushed me to join.


Gilda enjoying her run on a refreshing route

The challenging part is I run almost 3 times a day on weekdays before office hour, lunch time and after 5 pm. Luckily, my work place is located at Pasonanca Park where most of the runners do their running and walking activities.

On weekends me and my running buddies used to have a long run, we have new routes every week and we used to do selfies while running. I aim to finish the race in 10 days so I challenged myself to run 20-25km a day and due to perseverance I made it in just 9 days.

My most memorable experience is running under the rain with an umbrella.


Gilda M. Kibtiani

Top 3

210 Km


The hardest part of the run for me was getting up early in the morning because I always go home late from my two jobs as a teacher. I try my best to squeeze running into my jampacked schedule by running to work instead of commuting. In return, I was able to save money and time (yes, running from Caloocan to Fairview is much faster than commuting because of the terrible traffic!).

I may find it hard to get up in the morning to run but everytime I hit the road, I feel unstoppable. Except maybe on my second to the last run for VirtualRacePH Revolution when I experienced what some runners call “takpoo” in the middle of the run. It was almost a horrible experience and I thought I wouldn’t make it to the gasoline station. But I did. Then I ran the rest of my route with a happy heart because I thought that at that moment, I might just have become a true blue runner. Who would have thought that such an awkward moment will be a milestone for me.


Teacher Nat after one of his run sessions

VirtualRacePH was such a huge encouragement and motivation for me as a newbie in running. There are days when I don’t feel like running but it didn’t matter because I have a goal. I wanted to prove myself that I can do it, and even exceed it. I loved the experience and I’m looking forward for more.


Nathan Pereda


The reason I joined VRPH Revolution aside from the cool finisher shirt, medal entitlements and the milestone pod. This is one of my ways to prepare for the race that I’ve wanted to revenge, the Andres Bonifacio 100K Ultramarathon. This particular race failed me twice because I did not make it to the cutoff. So when I saw VRPH launch this virtual race, I did not hesistate to join again. I believe by joining Virtual Races and having core/running trainings with my PARmates (team mates in Pinoy Aspiring Runners), I can achieve to finish the race within the cut-off time.  Because of this, (joining the Spartan Challenge 300K Virtual Race last July 2017) I was able to finish Milo Marathon 42K within 6 hours cut-off time and my longest race to date, the West Coast 200K ultramarathon. Going back to VRPH Revolution and also joining the throwback races Layag Paglaum and Tindog Surigao (total of 271Kms) i was able to finish  my long dreamed revenge run (ABDUM100K) within the 19 hours 30 cutoff for the finishers with belt buckle entitlement and also I finish 3 others Ultramarathons within the cutoff (actually I finish 4 ultramarathons in the span of 1 month).


One of the ultramarathons that Elmar finished…



..and another one…



… and another one 🙂


So once again thank you Virtual Race Philippines for giving me a chance to join your races. I’m hoping my english grammar is correct. Hehehe. Thanks and more power VRPH 🙂


Elmar Casauay


My VirtualRacePH experience was awesome. Joining one makes you become healthy at the same time encourages you to reach for a goal. The most memorable experience i had was when i was able to finish the Bayani Trilogy. It gave mo more confidence and it made me believe in myself that i can still run long distances.


Katrina showing off her Bayani Series medals



Mission Accomplished!!!


The trilogy helped me prepare for my very 1st 42k run last January in the Cebu Marathon. Thank you VirtualRacePH and I look forward to more runs with you.  More power and God bless 🙂


Katrina Sia


If i did not enroll in virtual race, I might not have prepared for my Taipei Marathon in a short time.  Being an office worker and active in church activities, making time for training is very challenging.  But because I have enrolled in a total of 131km (70km + 45km + 16km) i have no choice but to run almost everyday just to cover the miles.  The most challenging part was planning how to do this for one month because this is by far the biggest mileage I did.


Marie proudly showing the fruit of her hard-earned mileage


I am not a mamaw but just a fun runner with occasional Marathon race outside of the country.  My most memorable experience… when i received the medals. SUCCESS… now I can say KAYA KO NGA PALA !


Marie Casareo


This being my first time to join a virtual race, I was really excited and I thought I was off to a good start but the unexpected happened – – -my househelp left! I was down and I thought I would not be able to  finish the race being a working mom with a clingy 3-year old boy, but with the support of my family, friends and coworkers, I was able to finish the race! Sure, it involved a lot of running in the rain but I did it!


Mommy Ellen gesturing and representing the running Moms with what she proved during the Revolution Virtual Race: YOU ARE STRONG!


Thank you Virtual Race Ph! This virtual race thingy is a great motivation to run for moms like me.


Ellen Avanzado