Philippine Eagle Foundation

Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Philippine Eagle Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the endangered Philippine Eagle and its rainforest habitat. The PEF is divided into four programs: Conservation Breeding Program, Research and Conservation Program, Conservation Education Program, and the  Development Program.

The Conservation Breeding Program has produced 28 eagles in the Philippine Eagle Center since 1992 – applying cooperative artificial insemination and natural pairing techniques to breed the Philippine eagles and augment their population in the wild.

The Conservation Education Program engages the public to partake in the Philippine Eagle conservation efforts by raising awareness and inspiring action to benefit the conservation mission. We aim to influence people to appreciate and protect our National Bird-the great Philippine Eagle, its habitat, and everything it represents.

Our Research and Conservation team is organized to operate in three areas: eagle research, forest restoration and protection, and culture-based programs to achieve not only the species’ survival in the wild but also a healthy forest that communities will benefit from.

The Development Program fuels the PEF’s operations through fundraising and communications. We reach out to like-minded individuals and institutions to raise support and further the conservation mission.

Philippine Eagle Foundation

We take on different approaches to conservation, combining science and community involvement to secure a future for our national bird and generations of Filipinos.