Good day and pleasant running weather!

First, thank you very much for joining GoWell Stormbreaker. As a community, we were able to raise more than Php 70,000 for Feathers Project to #SaveThe15K.  To know more about their stories, you may check it here:

Second, your hard-earned finisher medal has just arrived! You may take a sneak peek here:

Third, we regret to inform you that Ultron pulled out as the official apparel for this event. After we have promoted their brand for several months, included them in all our marketing materials and gave them exposure in the Philippine market, they suddenly pulled out and left us (including you, our runners) hanging.

No worries though! Shirt production is on-going with our trusted local partner. All shirts will be completed within this month and we target to ship out all entitlements by 2nd week of December.

We are sorry for the delay that no one could have foreseen. We learned valuable lessons from this experience and will be more cautious with future partnerships.

Rest assured that we are doing our very best. We will live by our commitment as your MOST TRUSTED Virtual Race organizer and promise to deliver all finishers entitlements in due time.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Respectfully Yours,
VirtualRacePH Family