“WhenTHE WALKING ULTRAMARATHONER I started my walk at UPLB, it was a mere walk for a cause. At that time, I was already growing bigger and heavier, more than one-hundred and eighty pounds.  I have this strong desire to live longer, fit and healthy for my son who is a differently-abled person (he is a high-functioning person with autism) from UP Los Baños he is now in UP Diliman). (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

It was a EUREKA! moment when I won my first race, the “Run UP 2013: Takbo Para Sa Atletang Elbi”. It was a 10 Km run and lady luck smiled at me as I won 1st Place in the Open Category (Female). That was the inspiring moment that ignited my passion for footraces. Suddenly, my milieu widened and expanded as I meet more friends and see places where I have never been before.THE WALKING ULTRAMARATHONER

I am 51 years old, mother of three young adults. My youngest son was diagnosed with autism when he was six years old. During his time at UPLB I weigh more than 190 lbs. and that was my wake-up call that I had to do something so that I can live longer, I need to be fit and healthy for the sake of my son and that’s what motivated me to do walks around the UPLB campus.

While others are Born to Run, I was Born to Walk! Never did I imagine that it would become a burning passion. Truth be told, I never thought I will be a racewalker joining in ultra distance footraces until I found out the joys and benefits of the outdoors like meeting new friends, discovering new places, learned that I had the patience, tolerance and endurance to do long walks. And I am very fortunate to have a husband, Cepheus Imperial Quiñones & kids. Klarenz Kristoffer. Karlo Kyle & Kryzengelyn who are very supportive of my “passion”.

So for those of you who want to discover the beauty of a fit and healthy body despite your advancing age and genetic predisposition, I enjoin you to start walking or whatever that might fit in your lifestyle, what interests you, so find your positive passion, for when you are passionate about something, it will surely motivate you.  All it takes is determination, dedication . . . and a ton of discipline so go and challenge yourself.

And remember that fitness iTHE WALKING ULTRAMARATHONERs a fortune. Being fit is not about being better than someone else; it is about being better than what we are used to be.

October 2, 2015 had done my walk in three countries in one day, Philippines, South Korea & US, did it at the border of Canada & US and in tropical Mexico, too.

After my accident last Dec29 wherein I had fractured my left wrist, I said that as soon as I was able to recover I would go back to my usual 10Km per day workout. Setting a goal is a good motivation.

March 12, 2014 was the start of my “streak”….from then on my day isn’t complete without doing those daily walks. As of today I am on my 1,159th Consecutive Walk (three years & 62 days and still counting since I started in Elbi and has done it in almost all sorts of weather…rain, shine, storm, typhoon, hail, frost, ice, snow, on land and on water while aboard a ferry and a cruise ship, if only possible i would have done it on air,too.

And I believe that motivation is best when it comes from within oneself & is inspired more if one loves what he is doing. Just put your MIND into it, let your HEART believe it, and make your BODY do it!!”

I pursued my passion in WALKING with vigor, I believe that all it takes is dedication, determination, tons of discipline and just loving it.