Why join Virtual Races during the pandemic?

Why join Virtual Races during the pandemic?

The COVID19 pandemic has changed a lot of our ways. Businesses, transportation, and unfortunately, sporting events have been reduced too. Most regular races and fun run events have been converted to Virtual Races. No longer do we have the early Sunday meetups with friends on a parking lot and walk through the starting pens to wait for a gun start with thousands of other runners.

Some say that Virtual Races are the alternative to those races because we do not have much of choice. We think it’s the opposite. Virtual Races have been thriving even before the pandemic and is only getting more popular due to the limitations posed by the current situation. So are you one of those that have joined this new “trend”? If you are still hesitant to join Virtual Races, here are some more reasons why NOW is the right time to join one:

Fight the hidden enemy

It is no secret that regular exercise helps boost the immune system. But it is important to know that the immune system-boosting benefit is only significant when you put emphasis on the “regular” part of the regular exercise. This means that a conscious effort to form the habit of exercising is necessary. With Virtual Races’ monthly targets and motivating communities and monitoring system, joining one would help you commit to the habit and enjoying the journey of building it into not just one of the events you joined, but a fitness lifestyle that you keep.   

Get fit in your own terms

Work from home, home workouts, virtual meetings… These are the norms now where you can do things at your own place, and sometimes, at your own time. This same idea applies to virtual races. You decide your start time and your race route all while getting to the same fitness goal you had. Not everyone can go to the starting line on early Sundays. Virtual Races removed the constraint of race location and gun start times and lets you smash your running goals in a way that fits your schedule. With most of us not being able to see our friends and family for months, it will be a great surprise for them to see you getting more fit despite the situation. To them, you can proudly say, “Virtual Race lang yan!”

Good for the brain too

Both runners and non-runners have encountered some sort of a slump during this pandemic. Worse are the cases that not only affects physical health, but the mental health as well. Getting some miles in, coming from your morning jog, or a simple walk to calm the nerves is a proven way to boost mental health. You need to clear your mind or set a new career direction? Go for a jog. The week’s load has been overwhelming and made you stressed out? Destress with a quick run. Now what better way to make sure you get this mind-boosting habit locked in than by joining Virtual Races!

Help those in need, now that it counts more!

If these are trying times for us, imagine those who have been in a hard situation even before the pandemic. Now with a lot of fund raising efforts coming from the weekly fun runs and other fund raising events that require gatherings gone, this made our less fortunate brothers and sisters struggle more with life. And this is where Virtual Races can try to help. With a more substantial amount donated to partner beneficiaries, Virtual Race events ensures that your mileage does not only benefit you, but others in need as well.

Bounce back from the pandemic stronger

Looking forward, imagine yourself finally going out in the new normal when the pandemic is finally over: Road/Trail races finally starts popping up. The early weekend morning calendars getting filled up with running events again. Fund raising activities and feeding programs starting to show up in different communities once more. Businesses, and the economy in general, is recovering. Then here you are, healthier, fitter, and more fulfilled version of yourself, ready to take on the challenges of the new normal.

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