Yellow School of Hope

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The Yellow School of Hope building extension for 2 classrooms and 1 library will cater our preschool to grade 3 Bajau students. These will also be used for tutoring our Bajau elementary to college students. Classes for adult education will also be held here. Building this extension classrooms will definitely help the Claret Samal Foundation Inc. to educate our Bajau brethren and also to preserve their culture and identity as one of the indigenous tribe here in the Philippines.



Yellow School of Hope

There is high illiteracy among the Sama Bajaus. Almost 80 to 90 percent of the adult Samal Bajaus does not really know how to read and write. And the younger generation is encouraged already by Claret Samal Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) to go to school yet there is high percentage of dropouts. The reasons are usually livelihood, and low appreciation of education. Thus they need to be assisted and to be taught on how to integrate with the mainstream society much more in the earlier part of their education with the objective also to teach them their identity, tradition and cultural values.

With this, we would like to extend the Yellow School of Hope Building in order to cater our grade 2 and grade 3 Bajau students.  This extension will also be a bigger venue for the adult Bajaus who are enrolled in our adult education.  This extension project will surely be a big help for our brethren Bajaus. They will appreciate more the value of education, their culture and their identity. I foresee also that in the future through this project there will be more Bajau professional.


The Yellow School of Hope needs to raise additional Php 300,000 for 2 more classrooms and 1 library and Php 90,000 for 1 motorized yellow school boat to ferry the students and teachers to and from the school.

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The Samal-Bajaus are from the sea dwelling tribes of the Sulu Sea, located in the southernmost part of the Philippines, in the smaller islands at the tip of Mindanao. They are a familiar sight as mendicants / beggars plying the streets of Manila and the other bigger cities of the Philippines. The government usually “extradites” these “unsightly characters” in planeloads back to Mindanao around the month of December, just in time to beautify Manila or other big cities for the holidays—only to find them back again a few months later. CSFI seeks to be of help to these people by working for and with them in the community level, hoping to address the root causes of Bajau migrationvagrancy, and mendicancy.

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